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Not only can massage therapy help you to relax and reduce stress it also can help to relieve pain both chronic and acute.  Poor posture associated with sitting all day can cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, regular massage can help to relieve that pain.  Hip, knee, and joint pain can be caused by inflammation and/or injury, deep tissue and trigger point therapies can help to relieve the pain and pressure.  Having trouble sleeping?  Massage therapy can help your body relax and relieve some of the pain that may be causing the nightly tossing and turning.  Massage can also help to keep your immunity strong by boosting the white blood cell counts.

If you need Denver massage therapy, make sure to schedule at the link below! Decrease Pain.  Reduce Stress.  Increase Vitality.  

massage therapy
Massage Therapy Denver

Meet Chris Elkins, LMT

Chris Elkins is from Louisiana and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. He obtained a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness Studies. Since graduating from LSU in 2008, Chris has been a personal trainer, assisting clients in reaching their health and fitness-related goals. Shortly after a move to Colorado in 2017, he became interested in complimenting his skills as a personal trainer with the modalities of massage therapy. As a recent graduate of Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, Chris enjoys combining manual therapy techniques with exercise prescription, providing a well-rounded approach to health for his clients. 


Bachelors Degree – Kinesiology

    Louisiana State University 

Licensed Massage Therapist
    Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado


Chris is available Wednesday Afternoons and All Day Saturday

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