Acupuncture for Back Pain What everyone struggling with acute and chronic pain needs to know.

Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Or, at the end of the day, do you just want to go home and rest because the pain has been bothering you all day?  You’re not alone, and millions of people in our country experience pain everyday! 

Acupuncture for Back Pain
Acupuncture for Back Pain Denver

Fortunately, there is a solution, and you can do something about it.  Getting acupuncture for back pain may be the best thing you can invest in.  For thousands of years, acupuncture and herbal medicine have been helping people relieve pain, and live healthier lives.   At New Vibes, we specialize in pain relief, so you can get back to the vibrant and fulfilling life that you deserve! Whether it’s back pain, muscular strain,  joint pain, arthritis, headaches or other painful areas,we can help you eliminate pain from your body! 

All it takes to feel better is a few simple shifts, and you’ll be on your way to pain-free living! Acupuncture for back pain does not hurt, and often the needles are not felt going in.   After treatment, you may feel light, peaceful, pain-free, and a sense of overall wellbeing.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can create beneficial permanent shifts on the body, eliminating pain and disease. If you get acupuncture for back pain, you’ll be surprised how easily it melts away. With continual acupuncture treatments, your body will shift to a harmonious and healthy state.  

Imagine what your life will be like without chronic nagging pain limiting you from enjoying life.  Your energy will improve, along with mental clarity and emotional balance.   


Jordan New L.Ac. is a master acupuncturist and has helped countless people be free from pain, heal digestive disorders, and restore their body and mind to full vitality and wellbeing.    Jordan has instructed personal and group yoga and fitness training since 2004. In addition to his Master degree in Chinese medicine, he has extensive continuing education certificates in digestive support, pain relief, rehabilitation and energy work. 

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At New Vibes Clinic, your health and well-being are high priority.  We provide you treatment and tools to maximize your healing, and maintain optimal wellness.  

The benefits you receive include (but are not limited to):

  • Eliminating pain and preventing it from returning.
  • Improved health & vitality.  At New Vibes, we do more than just cure disease, we empower you to live in optimal health and vitality, making life more enjoyable for you and your loved ones. 
  • Educate you about simple ways to keep you and your family healthy. 
  • Preventative medicine to ward off illness
  • Personalized care and individualized treatment


Research shows that acupuncture is highly effective for pain relief.  In a 2-year retroactive survey of over 89,000 patients published in 2016, 93% of patients said that their acupuncturist had been successful in treating their musculoskeletal pain. Current medical evidence shows that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, supplements, diet, and lifestyle choices can drastically reduce or completely eliminate pain.   

Eliminate Pain Now

At New Vibes, we combine multiple healing approaches to help the body overcome acute and chronic pain, and return to optimal body function, full vitality and wellbeing! When you come to our clinic, you’ll receive an initial evaluation (90 minutes) of your current medical state and health history.  From there, we provide an initial treatment to address the problem. 

After treatment, you may be provided herbal or nutritional formulas, and we will discuss the report of findings from your case, and a plan to get you back to full health and pain-free living.    Each treatment and plan is customized to your needs.   Often, people leave from their first visit feeling free of pain and have more mobility. Most people find their pain to be completely gone after 3-6 weekly of weekly treatments. Consistency is important.

Contact our clinic to request your free initial consultation about Acupuncture for Back Pain.

Our team will discuss how we can help you.   

Call our clinic today to request your free consultation. 720-722-3016

There is no risk to speaking with us for 15 minutes.  If we are unable to help you with your specific needs, we will direct you to the resources and practitioners that can.

The sooner you begin resolving your pain, the easier it will be to address the problem, and the sooner you will be able to get back to the life you love.   Your body is doing it’s best to function, and the longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to fix the problem.  

Ready to Schedule Your Appointment to Eliminate Pain?  Schedule Your Initial Intake and Treatment Now.   

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