Acupuncture Denver Prices and Fees

Initial  Intake and Treatment:
$190  ~ 90 minutes
(First-Time Patient)
Initial treatments include a detailed intake of your health history. Treatments are then customized to your needs and may include acupuncture, cupping, laser therapy, PEMF therapy,  moxibustion, reiki, herbal medicine, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercises.

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Add-On Services:

Add-on services are optional and offered at a discounted rate in addition to your 60 minute acupuncture treatments.  

Want add-on services for free or discounted rate?  Check out New Vibes Membership options! 

Herbal Medicine Consultation and Muscle Testing:

  • $75/session

Applied Kinesiology is a form of muscle testing used to analyze organ and body function for deficiencies or imbalance. Then, a Designed Clinical Nutrition program, including herbal medicine and whole-food nutrition, will be provided. Give your body the tools it needs to heal. Visit Nutrition Response Testing for more info.

Follow-up Treatment:

  • $125/ 60 minute Acupuncture Session – single

60-minute acupuncture treatments are customized to your needs with add-on services. 

Express Acupuncture or Fire-Cupping:

  • $75/30 minute Session

A 30-minute treatment that provides a relaxing and restorative experience to relieve stress, reduce pain, regulate sleep, and improve digestion.


  • Vitamin C-Boost your immune system and fight off infections!
  • Vitamin D: Strengthen your bones, support your immune function, and enhance your mood with the “sunshine vitamin” delivered directly to your system.
  • Glutathione: Experience the ultimate detox and antioxidant power. Glutathione helps to neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. 
  • Mineral Blend: Achieve optimal nutrient balance with a blend of essential minerals
  • Biotin: Elevate your hair, skin, and nails with Biotin, the beauty vitamin that supports overall wellness.

PerSonaBlend Injection– Custom injection specifically formulated for you! One of our practitioners will evaluate and concoct the perfect blend for you! -$50

Vitamin B12 injections- Boost your energy levels – $20

Lipo B12 injection-Enhance your metabolism, promote weight management and revitalize your energy with our specialized Lipo B-12 blend. -$30

Neural Therapy:  $95

New Health Membership

New Vibes offers a Monthly or Yearly option designed as a preventative service to keep stress levels in check, ease chronic pain, improve energy and boost immunity. The New Health Membership is customized with each individual in mind, so you can tailor your appointments to your needs.



Special pricing and benefits available to Veterans and their family members!


Call Our Office for Same-day Appointments and to know more about Acupuncture Denver Prices ~ 720-722-3016

~ Walk-in B12 injections available ~

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