Acupuncture and Chiropractic ~ A Complete Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Instead of masking the pain with harmful drugs, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments deal with the root causes and alleviate pain.


While both healing modalities work very well on their own, when done together as a part of a treatment plan, your body can heal faster and you will start experiencing less pain in less time.

Both types of treatments work with the body by stimulating and regulating the nervous system to promote healing.  Acupuncture helps to correct the energetic imbalances while chiropractic adjustments help with the structural imbalances.  Both types of treatments together allow the entire body to heal naturally.

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There are many Chiropractors out there, and not all are equal, that is why we have partnered with Dr. Reinhardt.  Dr. Reinhardt is located conveniently across the street from New Vibes Clinic.  Read here as to why Dr. Reinhardt is the best in Denver!

We make it easy to stay on top of your healthcare needs, all of Dr. Reinhardt’s patients receive $20 off their acupuncture sessions at New Vibes, and all New Vibes patients get the special discounted price of $55/treatment.


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