Freedom of Expression

As human beings, we are more than the opinions and ideas of what other people think of us.   

At our deepest essence resides a uniqueness and individuality that is incomparable to any other human.  We may look alike, talk alike, or act alike, but fundamentally there are inherent differences and idiosyncrasies in all of us. 


Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Expression

Do we have the freedom to express that individuality?   I believe so, although it can be challenging if we choose to believe what the media, advertisements, our peers and society think we are or think we should be. And currently, we are living in a cancel-culture.   “If you don’t think the way I do, then I’m shutting you down, canceling your opinion, and quieting your voice.”  All of this can hinder us from speaking and expressing our truth.  



So, what is the best way to embrace your full expression as an individual?  There are many ways to tap into profound self-expression.  The first step is meditation As we reflect, connect deeply with ourselves and practice introspection, the uniqueness of self becomes apparent.   Once we’ve recognized our fundamental nature, we can then find ways to express it.   Personally, my favorite form of self-expression is DANCE! While dancing, I sometimes get caught up in the people around me, wondering what they are doing, or what they think about me.  But, then I take a deep breath into my heart space and feel a surge of inspiration that lights a fire of eccentric energy and authentic expression! 

Other forms of expression may come through music, art, poetry, storytelling, and so on… Authentic self-expression makes our world a more beautiful place.  

Freedom of Expression

Is it easy to authentically express oneself?  No.  It takes time and practice.    Is it your God-given right and freedom?  Yes. I believe so, as long as no one else is being harmed or hindered in the process.    

So, practice meditation to find your true essence, then get out there and express yourself freely.  The world is ready for you!  


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How does all this apply to acupuncture?   

Acupuncture works by removing blockages in the body, mind, and emotions so that the free flow of life-energy (Qi) can express itself fully and uninhibited. When Qi is flowing properly, it allows us to exist in our truest essence, uninhibited from outside factors.   Ultimately, it allows our body and mind to maintain states of optimal vitality which leads to genuine soul/spiritual expression! 

Are you having trouble meditating or finding your expression?   Do you feel like there is something hindering you from being yourself?  Schedule your free consultation now to talk to us about how acupuncture and our other healing services can help you to be authentically YOU.     Contact our clinic with questions.  720-722-3016