Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves


This seasons guide to our favorite kitchen appliances to help you eat healthy.

Cooking can be overwhelming and time consuming, but if you have the right tools, it can make cooking fast, easy, and fun!  Here are some of our must haves for any cook from beginner to advance:

Instant Pot – This isn’t your grandmother pressure cooking, it is safe and super easy to use.  Depending on the size of your family you can make a full meal in half of the time than using more conventional appliances.  From steamed veggies, to dried beans, to an entire meals. Instant Pots are incredibly versatile, you can sauté, poach, slow cook, bake, and steam.  From soups, to chili, to yogurts, there is so many different things you can do with just one pot!

Air Fryers – This is my newest addition to my kitchen set up and could not be happier!  It is super easy, time saving, easy clean up and takes the oil out of frying.  The air fryer allows the heat to circulate around the food to create a crunchy outer layer.  I love making vegan chili rellenos, roasted veggies (in half of the time), homemade beet chips, and cookies.  It seriously cuts down the cooking time, you use less dishes and you don’t have to wait to preheat the oven!  This is by far one of my favorite things in the kitchen!

Juicers – Juicers have come a long way over the years, now you don’t have to get the large, bulky, messy juicers that take up your entire kitchen counter.  Juicers now are available in much smaller, compact versions that are dishwasher safe.  They are extremely easy to use and the clean up is a breeze!  For a morning boost try juicing celery, apple, carrots, ginger, and lemons.  No need for coffee when you are charging your body with the healthy vitamins and minerals of fresh juice in the morning.

Blenders – I will admit, when it comes to kitchen appliances, I want quality, but also I don’t want to spend a small fortune.  That is why I love my Nutri Bullet, it is perfect for morning smoothies, hummus, sauces, and so much more.

The only downside is the size, for individual and smaller servings it is great, but if I am catering or getting ready for a cooking class I need a bigger blender, so that is why I finally splurged and picked up a Vitamix.  Vitamix blenders are pricey, but they are awesome, especially if you are making larger batches, which I do pretty often.  Although a Vitamix isn’t a necessity, as I said a Nutri Bullet is probably sufficient for most needs, it is a pretty cool tool to have!

I hope you try some of these tools to help save you time in the kitchen.  We have put links to our favorite brands to help you in your cooking journey.  Cooking should be fun, a time where you get to be creative and feel good you are feeding your family healthy meals.  If you struggle in the kitchen or are looking for ways to eat healthier, make sure to check out Heidi’s monthly Plant Based Cooking classes.  Not only will you learn how to create easy, delicious plant based meals, but you will also learn tips and tricks to save time and money.  Pre-registration for the classes is required and space is limited, click here to reserve your spot!

And if you are looking for an easy meal prep guide, check out Heidi’s ebook where you will learn how to create delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like this healthy wheat berry porridge which can be made on the stovetop or in the Instant Pot.