Control your thoughts, instead of letting your thoughts control you...
Control your thoughts, instead of letting your thoughts control you…

Exercise is maintenance for your body, meditation is maintenance for your mind. 

We’ve known for a long time how important exercise is for your body.  It helps to reduce chances of injury, keeps excess weight off, prevents disease and overall makes you feel really good!


But, why should we meditate? 

Just like exercise keeps your body in prime shape, meditation can keep your mind in prime condition.  Continue reading for more amazing benefits of meditation!

Buddha meditation

Meditation has been around far longer than modern-day contemporary exercise, and dates back thousands of years.  Some of the earliest wall art from ancient India (5,000 – 3,500 BCE) shows people sitting in meditative positions with eyes closed, symbolizing meditative states.   

Meditation enhances self-awareness, and promotes mindfulness in daily actions.  The more mindful and aware we are of ourselves, the more mindful and aware we become of everything around us.   

Why is meditation so challenging? 

Our minds are beautifully designed to always be on task, doing something.   If not kept in check, the mind will run away with tons of ideas, and will be in control of you, instead of you being in control of your mind.   Some experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour!  The mind can become scattered with all those thoughts, creating feelings of anxiety and overwhelm!

Meditation helps to organize the thoughts and calm the mind, bringing about feelings of peace, serenity and well-being.   


How do you meditate? 

Meditation can be done in the morning, throughout the day and even before bedtime.   

Try meditating after a good workout. Find a quiet space with minimal distraction, and spend 5-15 minutes centering your mind. 

In order to ensure that you meditate daily, block it in your calendar.  Consistency is important.   

At first, meditation can be very challenging.  Your mind may be racing with all the things you need to do, memories may pop up, and not being able to focus is very common.  Recognize the thoughts coming in, and let them pass.   Imagine you’re sitting by the banks of a river, watching small boats floating by.   You see a boat come into view, and then it slowly goes out of view down the river.  Practice this with your thoughts.   As a thought comes in, acknowledge it and let it pass.  If you believe the thought has significance or is some sort of epiphany, take note of it and set an intention to address the thought later.  Then, come back to your meditation.   


We live in a stressful world! And it is only getting more hectic! Find peace in the storm with meditation.   It can also help to boost your focus and concentration, helping to achieve more and be more efficient with time. 


There are many forms of meditation, so find what’s best for you.   

Here is a simple guided meditation you can practice on your own.   There are millions of other meditation recordings online designed to bring you what you need in the moment.

Another good resource for guided meditation is Insight Timer


Meditation can be one of the greatest tools to living a vibrant and healthy life!

Don’t feel intimidated that meditation is a huge task, or that you need to be quiet and completely still for an hour to receive the benefits.  Start small.  Simply, close your eyes, take one slow deep breath in and out of your nose.  That is the first step to creating your meditation practice.   

Reach out to us with questions about meditation.   

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