Autumn Transition

We just passed the Autumn Equinox! Did you know that each season of the year correlates with an organ in your body?
– As Earth revolves through the autumn equinox bringing the fall season, leaves are falling, life is fading or migrating, darkness and dryness ensue. This tends to be a time of year when respiratory conditions surge. The respiratory system consists of the lungs, trachea, throat and sinuses. Many people experience seasonal allergy, sinus congestion, colds or even the flu. The fall season correlates with your Lungs. Your Lungs have a soul mate and partner in life: the Large Intestines. Each organ in the human body represents yin and yang energy and characteristics. And of course, yin and yang are inseparable, so each must have a paired organ. The Lungs and Large intestines are paired organs in Chinese medicine, and help one another function harmoniously. When out of balance, these organs may express correlated patterns, such as getting diarrhea when you have a cough or cold. Or, getting sinus congestion when constipated.

Autumn Transition
Autumn Transition
Autumn Transition

Did you know that each organ in your body correlates with a specific emotions?
Seasonal sadness can occur in the fall season, with feelings of loss as life transitions. The main emotion associated with the Lungs is grief, in the form of sadness, despair, loss and even depression.

As we move into Autumn, be good to yourself. Be grateful for the wonderful summer time, and begin to slow down. Journey inward with more self-care and reflection.
Seasonal acupuncture treatments are effective to ease the transition. Find a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner to provide you with a seasonal acupuncture treatment. If you are in Denver, visit our clinic for your seasonal treatment. – 720-722-3016

Begin to eat seasonally ripe foods such as squash and root vegetables. Make your plate colorful!
Pear, pumpkin, mushroom, raspberry, peach, apricot, prune, nuts and seeds, honey, apple, lemon, persimmon and herbal teas.
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Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) is an effective immune system booster with benefit to mood, digestion and energy levels. Find offerings in your area. If in Denver, visit Human Universal Health Institute for your colon hydrotherapy treatment. Human Universal Health Institute

– One key to live an easier and healthier life is to maintain balance. These foods and lifestyle suggestions are your way to counterbalance the inevitable shifting of the seasons, and gracefully flow through the Fall Equinox into the Winter Solstice. Stay tuned for an article in December on how to embrace the darkest time of the year on the northern hemisphere of planet Earth: WInter.