Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements

An integral part of Chinese Medicine is herbal remedies and proper nutrition. Ideally we receive optimal nutritional fuel from the food we eat, and brew raw herbal tea a few times per week. However, in today’s rushed world, we are bombarded with imposter junk food, and most people don’t have time to grow and cook their own food or herbs. That is where herbal and nutritional supplementation in the form of capsules or tablets can be beneficial to help our bodies heal and remain vital. (see below for information on our affiliate partners)

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements


When you come to the clinic, we provide you with supplements and the suggested amount of how much to take for optimal benefit. However, everybody is different and require different things, so be mindful how your body responds.

Sometimes, the supplements seemingly have an adverse reaction and may cause itching or digestive discomfort. This can indicate that the dosage quantity may be incorrect.

Using your supplements multiple times per day is better than taking all the supplements at once. If you can split your dosages into 3 times per day, your body will absorb the maximum amount. If you find it too challenging to split your supplements into 3 times/day, take them all at once. Whatever you do, just take your medicine!

Here are guidelines for taking supplements that you have been provided from New Vibes, and links to information on various supplements that we often prescribe. Contact us with questions about your supplement program.

  • Start taking the recommended dosage that we provide, or follow the instructions on the bottle if you were not provided with directions.
  • Consistency is important. Take the recommended dose daily until you are directed to discontinue, or take until the end of the bottle of supplements. Contact us to determine if you need more to continue healing.
  • Negative side effects from herbs and nutrition supplements are rare.
  • If you don’t feel good, or there are adverse reactions, such as nausea, bloating, headache, insomnia etc. then decrease the dosage. (see below for guidance to decreasing dose)
  • Being overly uncomfortable at first means that your body is changing too quickly, and needs to slow down the healing process. 
  •  To decrease the dosage you are taking, cut down by 1/4 for 2 days. For example, if you’re taking 4 supplements per day, cut back to 3 per day of your herb/nutrition medicine. After 2 days, if you’re still feeling adverse reactions, cut down 1/4 again. When you are comfortable, and feel the herbs working, then stay at that dosage.
  • If the symptoms do not desist after 5 days, contact our clinic immediately, and stop taking the supplements that you suspect are causing problems. We will give you the best advice possible to continue your healing process.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t feel better with the supplements after 3 days, increase the dosage by 1/4 each 3 days until you are noticing drastic improvements. For example, if you are taking 4 capsule supplements per day, then add 1 more every 3 days until you feel better. Take 5 on the 3rd day, 6 on the 6th day etc. Then the healing begins! 

Be mindful and intuitive with the quantity you are taking.

More is not always better. Not enough will slow the process.

Review our INFORMED CONSENT AND AGREEMENT in your patient portal to know about New Vibes’ claims to the herbal and nutritional products that we provide.

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