Here’s what You Need to Know about Food and Nutrition

“Food can be our best medicine, or our worst enemy. Knowledge is the first step.”

WHY should we eat healthy?

Here are just some of the benefits you receive from eating wisely. 

  • To be happier
  • More brain power and increased IQ
  • Better Sleep
  • Disease prevention
  • Stress reduction
  • Decreases inflammation in your body
  • Boosts your immunity
  • It keeps your body strong
  • Beautiful healthy skin. 
  • Eating healthy benefits your current family, and future family if you choose to have children. 
  • Improves the quality of life, and boosts longevity
  • It makes you more productive. 
  • Keeps your bowel movements healthy and regular.
  • More energy!
Here's what You Need to Know about Food and Nutrition
  •  EAT MINDFULLY! Listen to your body.
  • When we become aware of what we eat, we make better choices of how to nourish our body for vitality. When your body is properly nourished, you can achieve much more in life. Eating properly gives you greater energy, and mental clarity to accomplish your goals and tasks. This will create a better quality of life for yourself, your family and friends. Eating healthy prevents disease, and keeps you from getting sick. 
  • Be aware of your body, and adhere to the messages it sends. For example, if you are bloated and gassy, or constipated everyday, your body is telling you something you are eating is upsetting (and destroying) your digestive system. Meditation is a great tool to know what your body is trying to express about its needs. Continue learning and experimenting. When you find what works for you, be discipline and stick with it! The more educated you become about how your body communicates its needs and disturbances, the easier it is to maintain optimal health and harmony.
Here's what You Need to Know about Food and Nutrition

To achieve optimal health, apply these recommendations, along with proper movement and adequate rest. Remember to do your best. It’s NOT all-or-nothing. If this list looks overwhelming, start slow. Change one thing per week. Focus on one specific guideline each week, and in a few months you will be eating and feeling much better!

What to choose?

  • Eat whole foods.
  • Eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits. 
  • Buy and cook fresh, organic, regional and seasonal foods. Eat foods that are local and in season whenever possible. 
  • The major portion of your meal should be vegetables. Alternate or  combine raw and cooked vegetables.
  • Eliminate processed foods. 
  • If you choose to eat animal products, select naturally raised animal products and sustainable seafood.
  • Eat healthy fats. Avocado. Coconut. Nuts and seeds. Extra virgin olive oil. etc.
  • Avoid dairy (Your body may accept occasional raw organic dairy, and aged fine cheeses)
  • Eat Fermented foods.
  • Do not eat the same nutrients everyday! The body may become intolerant. Think about if someone called you 10 times a day, you’d probably block their number!
  • Avoid combining many different components in one meal. 
  • Incorporate spices, bitter substances and salt. 
  • Minimal alcohol consumption. 

How to eat?

  • Drinking water 15-30 minutes before a meal is ideal. Warm pure-water with fresh squeezed lemon is best.
  • Eat in a relaxed environment.
  • Give gratitude for the blessings of food with each meal.
  • Take one bite at a time.
  • Chew every bite at least 20-30 times and eat slowly. 
  • Drink minimal fluid during meals. This dilutes the digestive juices. 
  • Eat Breakfast like a prince/princess, lunch like a king/queen, dinner like a pauper. This suggests to have a medium sized breakfast, make lunch the biggest meal of the day, and dinner is small or nothing at all. 
  • If you are drinking fresh juice or a smoothie, pretend to chew it and swirl in your mouth, allowing the digestion to begin in the mouth as the food mixes with saliva. This will help the nice or smoothie to nourish your body, and give you longer lasting energy!

What next?

  • After your meal, avoid sugars, raw fruits and raw vegetables. Eating these substances after a full meal disrupts the digestive process, leading to gas, bloating and other ailments.
  • Go for a walk or gentle exercise.
  • Avoid snacking between meals, unless needed.
  • Go 3 or more hours without eating between meals. This gives the body adequate time to digest and assimilate the previous meal.
  • If you feel hungry again, drink a large glass of water, and wait five minutes. Then reevaluate if you are actually hungry. Sometimes the mind confuses thirst for hunger.
  • Avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime.

Even More!

  • Intermittent fasting.
    • Go 12-24 hours without eating food. Listen to what your body needs. Do this as often as is needed. This gives the body a chance to process all the substances that have built up, and also gives the organs a chance to regenerate.
  • Eat according to the season and region you live in. For example, if you live in a tropical climate, eat plenty of cooling foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber. During the winter in a cold climate, eat plenty of warming foods. Ginger, garlic, jalapeño and other warming spices. Eat warm soups with plenty of fat.   
  • If you experience allergies, asthma, colitis, autoimmune disorders, and a variety of there ailments, you may have a food intolerance. Try a simple elimination diet for one month. No Dairy. No wheat (gluten), no sugar other than fruit, no pork, no nuts, and no eggs. If this seems challenging, our nutritionist can help you heal by changing your diet. (Link)
    • A little flatulence here and there is ok. Constant farting is a problem. Lots of gas, stinky or not, indicates something is out of balance in your digestive system. If this occurs for you, acupuncture and moxibustion (link) can help you stop this problem.
  • Stinky, deadly farts that clear a room can indicate protein is not digesting properly, and may involve the stomach. Lots of odorless gas may indicate an imbalance in the intestines. If you experience digestive discomfort, gas, bloating, indigestion etc, try modifying some of these principles to what you intuitively know works best for you.
  •   Food does not affect every person the same way. Do what is best for you. Contact us l(ink) for help.

Food can be medicine or poison. Be mindful of each bite.

Here's what You Need to Know about Food and Nutrition

Ideal Food Plan for a Day:

While no two bodies are the same, we all need the proper nutrition to fuel our bodies. We recommend to start the day with as much vitamins and nutrients as possible. A great way to get as much out of your breakfast as you can is to start with a smoothie.  I like to add a plant based organic protein powder boost as well. Your smoothie should be 50/50 dark leafy greens to fruit with the addition of a non-dairy milk (coconut, almond, or pea protein based) or water. Adding chia seeds is another way to add more protein and fiber to your morning.

For lunch eat your veggies! Salads are great, especially if you add some quinoa, faro, or wheat berries. Make sure to limit your dressing, there is a lot of added fat in store bought dressings, you are much better off to make your own with avocado oil and vinegar with herbs and spices. If you are looking for a more handheld lunch, put your salad in a whole grain tortilla and you are on your way.

Dinner should be eaten at least 3 hours before bed, that way your body has time to begin to digest, and you have time to get some movement in before resting for the evening. Roasted vegetable with grains or legumes is an easy way to feed the family. Meal prepping on the weekend is a great way to have accessible meals for the family all week and can be done in only a few hours.  Prepping together as a family is a great way to learn and experiment with the ones you love.

Heidi Marie is our Plant Based Nutritionist, she specializes in helping clients lose weight and improve their health. 6 & 12 week Nutrition Programs, and individual or group cooking classes teach you how to shop, prepare, and meal prep healthy dishes.  Classes are filling up so sign up today to reserve your spot before the holidays begin!