Choose Wisely…

Often, people come into New Vibes clinic with health problems, and we find out that the root of the problem is leaky gut disorder, or gastro-intestinal dysbiosis.  They then reveal to me that they have been on multiple doses of antibiotics, and keep getting sick, while continuing to be prescribed antibiotics, as their health deteriorates.

Another common observation is people receiving vaccines or flu shots, whom then proclaim that they experienced severe illness directly after receiving a vaccine shot.  They also get sick more often since receiving the shots.  What’s going on here??

Certainly, your doctor has the best of intentions and wants to help you, but may only be trained in a limited spectrum of medicine.  The current conventional medical system in our country (including many MD’s and hospitals) is heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies with the greatest priority being profit instead of your health.  There are many people aligned with corporations that are profiting from illness and disease.  Why would they want you to heal when they can make billions of dollars from your staying sick and dis-eased?

Please make health a priority and do the research on your own.    Make wise choices about what you put into your body.  Your health is your responsibility.  Support the body! Support life! The divine intelligence in every living being is capable of healing itself if given the proper tools and support.

I have helped many people reverse the damage done to them with acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional support.  These people then proceed to live vibrantly with more vitality, strength, happiness and productivity.

Here are links with more research and the ingredients of vaccines.  There is a plethora of info out there.  Wake up, People! Choose wisely.

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