Nutritional Response Testing

How does the human body truly heal?

Our bodies are designed to detoxify and regenerate constantly.  This process allows the body to maintain a state of optimal health.

 However, poor lifestyle factors can inhibit this process, causing the body to function improperly, and become ill or dis-eased. 

Western medicine often masks the symptoms of illness and disease through pharmaceutical drugs or in extreme cases, surgery.   Nutrition Response Testing on the other hand, analyzes specific areas and organs of the body to determine what is weak, deficient or compromised. It is a non-invasive system of muscle testing. (Watch this video for more details)

 Then, a ‘personalized health improvement program” is developed based on the report of findings. The difference is, by listening to the body, we find out what is imbalanced and being blocked.  We then determining what nutritional or herbal therapies are most useful for your individual body to heal itself. 

Jordan New L.Ac. has spent many hours of training with Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc becoming certified in Nutritional Response Testing to help each individual patient find the optimal balance within their body.  Acupuncture and other therapies may be applied as needed. 

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